Discover pipelines and their tasks

Before extending a pipeline, you need to know which one to extend. To make it easier to discover our pipelines, an endpoint is available from the backoffice with the URL http(s)://{yourdomain}/ucommerce/api/v1.0/pipelines

The endpoint uses authentication like the rest of the backoffice.

Calling the endpoint will return JSON containing all pipelines that are registered in the service collection of your app with input and output types, namespace, tasks (in order of execution), and the interface each task implements. The result will be grouped by entity and look like this:

"order": [
        "tasksImplement": "IPipelineTask<GetOrderInput, GetOrderOutput>",
        "inputType": "GetOrderInput",
        "name": "GetOrderPipeline",
        "namespace": "Ucommerce.Web.Core.Pipelines.Order.GetOrder",
        "outputType": "GetOrderOutput",
        "tasks": [
        "tasksImplement": "IPipelineTask<GetOrderNumberInput, GetOrderNumberOutput>",
        "inputType": "GetOrderNumberInput",
        "name": "GetOrderNumberPipeline",
        "namespace": "Ucommerce.Web.Core.Pipelines.Order.GetOrderNumber",
        "outputType": "GetOrderNumberOutput",
        "tasks": [
    ...more order-related pipelines
...more entities

Using Postman to call the endpoint makes it easy to collapse irrelevant parts of the response or search for the things you need.

The endpoint will also reflect your own changes to the app, and will help you know if your custom tasks have been registered correctly, as your pipeline tasks will be shown in the appropriate list after registration.

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