You can try out Ucommerce without a license. If you run your application without a license, it will shut down after 10 minutes. You can restart your application as many times as you want, giving you ample time to play around with the product.

Developer license

When you have played around with Ucommerce and decided to use it for your project, you will want to get a free perpetual developer license.

To get your Ucommerce developer license, please contact us at, with your company name and contact email address, and we will create a license for you or your company.

Test environments

Ucommerce uses two ways to detect if the environment is test or production:

  • The host environment

  • The domain name of requests

Marking the host environment as a development environment

To make sure that the test environment is recognized as a development environment, it can be necessary to mark it as such. See Microsoft Learn for details.

Using test domain names

When using a developer license, make sure to access your test environment(s) through a domain name that includes one of the following:

  • localhost

  • dev

  • test

  • uat

Otherwise, Ucommerce will consider your instance as a production environment. Other (partial) domain names can be whitelisted. Please contact us with the values you would like to have whitelisted.

An example of an allowed domain name is

Using your license

To add your license key to the application, simply add it to the configuration.

It is recommended that you use user secrets and/or a key vault, e.g. Azure Key Vault, to store your license key(s).

The LicenseKey property can be found under the Ucommerce object. It should look like this in your user secrets file:

    "Ucommerce:LicenseKey": "XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX"

Production license

When your project is ready for production, please reach out to us to get a new license key.

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