Headless Template

Getting started with the Standalone template.


  • Open a terminal where the new project should be set up.

  • Execute the commands below:

# Generate the project
dotnet new uc-headless --name "<ProjectName>"

# Step into the new project folder
cd "ProjectName"

# Up the docker instances for SQL and Elasticsearch
docker compose -f docker/docker-compose.yml up -d

# Run the project
dotnet watch run --project "<ProjectName>"

Once your application runs, you can access the administration interface by requesting /ucommerce.

Template options

AttributeExample ValueDescriptionRequired



A name to be used for the scaffolded project.



Replace a default password for the Elasticsearch instance.



Replace a default password for the SQL Edge instance.



Add Stripe payment provider integration.



Get a list of all available options. This won't execute the command.


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