All media used in Ucommerce is based on the Content data model. The model describes either a file, an image, or a folder.


The Content class is a specialized model designed for Ucommerce, encompassing essential properties to represent images, files, or folders within the system. Key properties of the Content class include:

  • Id

    • Description: The Id property serves as a reference identifier utilized by Ucommerce. It should be configured to point to the corresponding data within your external image database.

  • NodeType

    • Description: The NodeType property defines whether the Content instance should be interpreted as an image, a file, or a folder. To facilitate this, you can refer to the predefined constant values within Constants.ImagePicker that align with these property distinctions.

  • ParentId

    • Description: The ParentId property plays a crucial role in establishing the folder hierarchy within the media picker. For example, an image should possess the ParentId value that corresponds to the folder it is contained within.

  • URL

    • Description: The URL used by the backoffice to render the given image.

The ChildrenCount property is important when working with folders, as the Open Folder button will only appear in the media picker when the folder has children.

By implementing the Content class with attention to these properties, you can seamlessly manage and represent images, files, and folders within the Ucommerce system.


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