Price Group Inheritance

Starting with version 10.5, price groups can inherit from other price groups. This feature enables a child price group to automatically adopt all product prices set in its parent price group, as well as use the same currency. If a specific product price is defined in the child price group, this price will take precedence within that group.

Use case

This functionality is handy for assigning different prices for a subset of products to customers or customer segments while keeping the default price for all other products.

If this capability is not needed, it's recommended to avoid creating derived price groups.


The default limit for the depth of a price group inheritance tree is 10. To change this, set the Ucommerce:Core:MaxPriceGroupHierarchyDepth setting in your app configuration.

Be careful with deeply nested price group trees. It can significantly impact performance. The feature is not designed for extensive hierarchical depth.

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